Actual Bank Robbers is an independent pop/rock band based out of Tampa, FL, inspired in equal parts by Vivaldi and One Direction by way of Two Door Cinema Club. Comprised of musicians who met working at an amusement park, Actual Bank Robbers combine guitar-driven, alternative bases with decidedly pop melodies for a result that rests somewhere between The 1975 and The Spice Girls. Or something. "CHECKLIST" - their first compilation of original pop/rock whatnots - was released in January of 2016. 


Anthony is a Nashville native singer/songwriter. He comes from an artistic family background, and has been performing as long as he can remember. He holds a bachelor's degree in Theater Performance from the University of South Florida, and credits Bleachers, The 1975, Nile Rogers and John Mayer as some of his biggest influences. From metal to blues to performing acoustically in coffee shops, Anthony has found his proper niche with Actual Bank Robbers. He is incredibly grateful for his band mates; writing with them has been his favorite experience with music.

Mike Pinder first got interested in music from listening to his father's records and watching Beatles movies. He always aspired to be like Ringo, and got his first Mickey Mouse drumkit when he was 5. He began to seriously study music, classical percussion, world percussion, drumset and drum line at the age of 10. In his time playing, he has performed and recorded with many artists nationally, been signed to labels, worked for entertainment companies and corporate bands and as a studio drummer. He met his bandmates at work and, after hearing demos they made, volunteered to drum for them. He brings his experience with rock music, his understanding of pop music, and passion for funk/dance music to Actual Bank Robbers. 

Pedro Amaral is a native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil who spent most of his formative years Brandon, FL. His performance experience stems from an extensive theater background, both on stage and in a production capacity, and from years of professional singing for national entertainment companies and corporate bands. Influenced in equal parts by his father's extensive knowledge of music and the garbage-goodness of early 2000's TRL, Pedro credits his biggest inspirations in this order: The Spice Girls. Hanson. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Meryl Streep. He once spent two thousand dollars to see the Spice Girls live in concert and isn't ashamed to admit he strongarmed his bandmates into covering "Wannabe." #zigazigah

Robert Tait is a 22 year old whippersnapper born and raised in Bradenton, FL. He attended the University of South Florida School of Music in Tampa and received a bachelor's degree in Vocal Performance. Along his collegiate journey, there were a few major milestones that led to his involvement with Actual Bank Robbers. In 2013, Robert auditioned and became a singer/stiltwalker at a local amusement park where he met "Raul" (Pedro). Through Pedro, he me the beautiful Mike Pinder. (Unfortunately Robert met Anthony when he was 15 and just couldn't get rid of him, so he tried to pawn him off on Pedro and it resulted in beautiful music spewing from the four of them). Robert can usually be found making music or doing something ridiculous or adventurous in his free time, and he is extremely average at a handful of things, a jack of some trades, and a master of a few less trades. 


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