Actual Bank News! 06.08.16

Oooooooooooooh! Things to tell yooooooou!

  1. THIS SATURDAY is the day where you basically have to come spend the afternoon in Downtown St. Pete because we're playing a super fun set at Cage Brewery as part of their first Queer Brews LGBT event. The best things: it's A. Family Friendly, B. Dog Friendly, C. BEER FRIENDLY. And it's delicious craft beer you can't get anywhere else, so see you then! Party begins at 2pm, music at 3!
  2. Are you aching for brand new music from us? WELL ACHE NO MORE because we're using our show with Reverist and G2P at the Pegasus Lounge in Tampa on June 17 as an excuse to show you a brand new song called "SUICIDE MUSIC." It's a literal, actual bank premiere! Come hang out! (Show begins at 9pm. TIckets are $7 at the door. 21+)
  3. OH OH OH AND THERE'S ALSO ST. PETE PRIDE! We'll be rocking it at Punky's from 10am-1pm on Sunday, June 26, playing all of your favorites from Spice Girls to Carly Rae Jepsen to Shaggy because we're literal absurd people. But it's gonna be amazingly fun (and hot) and fun and you haven't partied until you've pride-partied
Stay cool! (Not literally. It's Florida and that's impossible.)
Anthony, Pedro, Pinder & Robert


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