Actual Bank News! 06.29.16

What exciting times we're about to have! Listen up:

- On the 4th of July, Pedro's celebrating his 30th birthday (*gasp*) - but we're getting the party started a day early by kicking it Spice Girl style at Peabody's Tampa's Palms Lounge on Sunday, July 3rd at 8:30pm - come celebrate our country's birthday, Pedro's almost-birthday, and the fact that we don't need a reason to have a kickass party! 
- EVEN BETTER! We're also taking over Ferg's Live Tampa on Friday, July 8th at 9:30pm playing all originals - old original, new originals, and even newer originals we haven't shown to anyone yet - so you basically have to come. Because we're forcing you, but also because it'll be super fun.
- On Sunday, August 7th, we're taking it down and doing it acoustic style in St. Pete's Red Mesa Cantina beginning at 7pm. But don't come for us. Come for the strawberry margaritas because they're better than anything we could ever make.
- Friday, September 9th we head to St. Pete's 3 Daughters Brewing to celebrate the release of a new album from our friends Dropin Pickup - come for us, stay for them, regret absolutely nothing. 
- We then head into a string of shows at St. Pete's Ringside Cafe with all of the special guests beginning Thursday, September 15th and culminating on November 11th with a BRAND SPANKING NEW ABR SINGLE! YAH!
Stay cool. We certainly try to!


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