One Year Anniversary

A year ago today, we released "Confetti" into the world - the first song we ever wrote together - and it's been nonstop since then. You've carried us through albums and EPs, bumper stickers and booklet signings, cover contests and charity events, voting, revoting, winning (sometimes) and losing (most of the time), and the many shirts!

There's no proper way to show gratitude for the incredible support you've shown us over the course of the past year other than a simple, sincere, straightforward "thank you" so, here goes: THANK YOU! This sort of thing is pointless without people like you, and we hope you know how incredibly fulfilling it is to watch an audience sing and dance along to something you created. Thank you for allowing us these incredible experiences - we're thrilled you enjoy our music and we hope to keep creating more of it.

Along the way, we've gotten to know other outstanding artists - their stories, their music, their influences and their dreams. And what better way to encapsulate a rather eventful year than to honor the incredible musicians whose paths have crossed ours. We hope you enjoy this little celebratory collection of original tunes by some formidable local acts - sharing the stage with them over the course of the last year has been an absolute honor.

Thank you for rocking with us - and here's to another great year!

Mighty Mongo | "Immafish"
Come Back Alice | "Coraline"
Francesca Ani | "Blame It On Me"
WD HAN | "Taking Me Over"
The Western Sons | "Send My Love"
Thanecha | "Letting Go"
Dropin Pickup | "It's In You"
The Savants of Soul | "Second Chance Lover"
Reverist | "Superhero"
Grand Central | "War" 


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